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Attributes of an ASIS Teacher in ASIS

ASIS and SIS groups of schools are committed to safeguarding the EFFECTOR characteristics of our teachers and staff, maintaining consistency, and quick adaptation to changing times. We do this in... Read More

Why Cambridge syllabus required?

A Cambridge education in Secondary years prepares students for life, helps them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. During the transition into adolescence, a strong structure... Read More

The Cambridge Learner Attributes

At Anand Singapore International School in Chennai (ASIS) we use the Cambridge curriculum for Secondary up to year 10, which includes external assessments (Cambridge Checkpoint) in year 6 and year... Read More

As educators, we place great effort towards ensuring that we are up to date, with open minds, we collaborate and then evaluate new trends and decide upon implementation of the... Read More

Where did my summer go-SIS International Online Summer School

To ease the summer break boredom and mitigate the loss of learning during this pandemic summer, we at SIS organised a fun-filled SIS International Online Summer School. We offered... Read More

Anand Singapore International School (ASIS) makes every effort to offer the best education for its students.To achieve this, ASIS follows the Singapore curriculum that focuses on teaching less and learning... Read More

All parents want to see their children grow into better learners amidst sophisticated infrastructure supported with exceptional learning technology of the day. Anand Singapore International School (ASIS) stands out as... Read More

Technology and Learning at ASIS

ASIS, one of the best international schools in Chennai, has excellent infrastructure supported by the latest information technology tools and gadgets. Technology has uplifted education in this pandemic situation by... Read More

Anand Singapore International School has grown into one of the best Cambridge syllabus schools in Chennai. At ASIS, we believe that when children can learn with other children from different... Read More

ASIS, an international school in Chennai, understands the expectations of parents from teachers. Parents expect their children's teachers to understand them better and help them at every level of knowledge... Read More