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What is AP mode on Wi-Fi extender?

Users must regularly update the Firmware of a Wavlink range extender to experience high-end speed in their devices. A new Firmware contains upgraded features and fixes the current bugs in... Read More

How do I access the Amped Wireless dashboard?

Try changing the channel of the Home Network router to a higher channel number and run the Setup. Wizard again. Check the internet connection on your Home. Customer... Read More

How do I find my 192.168 1.1 username and password?

There are various login methods, using which a user can log in to the web interface of a Netgear router. Open a browser on your computer or a laptop connected... Read More

How do I Connect my Amped Wireless smart plug? Unlock your web browser. Put together the Settings for your extensive Network. If the URL fails to unlock, then try: http://192.168. By means of the setup menu ( make... Read More

How can I change my Asus router password?

Whenever new firmware is available for the ASUS router, a notification will get popped up on the basic Homepage. You can directly update the firmware from the web interface... Read More