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The very mention of Kanatal brings to the wonderful dense forest of Conifer and Rhododendron with the aesthetic beauty of the place and also the beautiful Uttarakhand culture. A land of Gods and Natural Beauty, Uttarakhand attracts people from all background, be it the lone explorer, the luxury lover or a businessman on a work trip. The sun-kissed the Himalayas and the natural lush-greenery are the most lovable part of Kanatal. Go on a village walk in Kanatal and you'll be amazed by the vibrant way of life. Uttarakhand Himalayas attracts people from all around the globe through the year-round.Himalayan Kiwi Kanatal is a destination to spend your lovely holidays or vacation while witnessing the eternal beauty of Uttarakhand! Enjoy your comfy stay in our luxury rooms and get soaked in the wonderful spirit of Uttarakhand.