Building the Factory of the Future

Three words that define three eras. Yesteryear is now not a common colloquial term because it sounds vintage. Today has half ended if you hadn’t planned your day before sunrise. The only hope for the future- the real glimmering light, is that of Tomorrow.

At Bell, we strongly believe in a brighter Tomorrow. When the entire team believes in the dream, it becomes a magnet for more. Abundance in everything we do, believe and have. The Factory of the Future begins with first inculcating this spirit of sufficiency in our system. It is scarcity that makes humans behave irrationally- and get stuck in the rut.

Building the Factory of the Future begins with lessons from the past. Rome was indeed, not built in a day. Creating something for the future cannot be done with solving yesterday’s problems. What will truly help is nurturing and building an agile self-healing, self-learning team with a hybrid culture of man’s ingenuity and machine’s efficiency.