Efficient Customs Clearance and Logistics Solutions in Miami: Introducing Doral Customs Brokers

Welcome to Doral Customs Brokers, your preferred customs clearance expert in Miami, Florida. With extensive experience in clearing import shipments through US customs, our dedicated team is here to provide you with complete logistics services for all your import and distribution needs.

Customs clearance is a complex process, but with Doral Customs Brokers, you can rest assured that your shipments will be handled with ease and efficiency. Our licensed US customs brokers are highly skilled professionals trained, licensed, and authorized to process the customs clearance of import shipments to the US, including OGA (Other Government Agencies) requirements.

We specialize in customs clearance at Miami US customs ports, offering services such as formal entries, informal entries, ISF (10+2) filings, OGA compliance (FDA, FCC, USDA), and inbond shipments. Our ABI approval allows us to process automated entries and payments, ensuring a streamlined and expedited process for our clients.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Doral Customs Brokers. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you from the moment your shipment is ready to go until it is delivered to its final destination. We answer inquiries quickly and provide the fastest customer service available to ensure your import shipments are processed quickly and efficiently.

Once the customs clearance of your import shipment is completed, we offer a complete range of logistics services, including bonded transportation and storage, warehousing, segregation, re-labeling, and distribution in the US and abroad.

If you need customs clearance for your international shipments, we are here to help. Simply provide us with a detailed description of your shipment, quantities, country of origin, final destination, packing list, and invoice, and we will provide you with a complete quote promptly.

Experience the expertise and efficiency of Doral Customs Brokers for all your customs clearance and logistics needs in Miami and bey