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Get assistance from the Saudi Helpline Group. We support you with the completion of your international company formation services, Saudi visa stamping, PRO services, Embassy legalization, certificate attestation, and apostille... Read More

Ion Exchange operates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through its joint venture with AWJ Energy as Ion Exchange Arabia for Water. AWJ Energy, serves the needs of Oil &... Read More

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Fouad F Jabri | Articles on Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Fouad F Jabri is a distinguished author renowned for his insightful contributions to the fields of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Through his articles, he offers a profound exploration of disease patterns... Read More

Emadeddin M Said Raddaoui is a distinguished figure in the realm of Clinical Pathology, renowned for his prolific contributions to research papers in this field. With a wealth of expertise... Read More

English Department | College of Science & General Studies

The English Department at Alfaisal University offers a comprehensive and dynamic program that focuses on the study and exploration of the English language and its literature. The department is committed... Read More

Physics | College of Science & General Studies

The Department of Physics at Alfaisal University offers a comprehensive and engaging program that encompasses various areas of physics. The department is committed to providing students with a strong foundation... Read More

Chemistry | College of Science & General Studies

The Department of Chemistry at Alfaisal University is committed to providing students with a comprehensive education in the field of chemistry. The department offers a diverse range of courses and... Read More

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences | College of Pharmacy

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Alfaisal University is dedicated to fostering excellence in pharmaceutical education, research, and innovation. The department offers a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses various disciplines within... Read More