NDIS Support Coordination service in WA | NDIS registered Provider in Perth

Mental health recovery is a process that is defined by each individual. For some people, it could mean leading an active life while for others, it is about developing an understanding of a sense of self or becoming independent in life. People who live with psychosocial disabilities are supported in their personal recovery by the NDIS. The service of a Psychosocial Recovery Coach is one of the support.
NDIS is helping people with psychosocial disabilities to make progress in their recovery journey. Psychosocial Recovery Coaches are required to have expert knowledge of mental health or lived experience of mental health conditions. They can draw upon their experience and expertise to help the participants to create individual recovery plans. This includes assisting the participant in identifying their strengths and weaknesses, setting up goals and connecting them with the broader network of support. Recovery Coaches need to have a relationship based on trust and hope with the participants and their family members to enable recovery. Assistance in engaging with the NDIS is also part of the responsibility of a Psychosocial Recovery Coach. Improving the participant’s NDIS knowledge, building their skills in negotiating with the service providers and working on their abilities to advocate for themselves are some of the ways in which Recovery Coaches support people with psychosocial disabilities. Aastha Community Services is committed to encouraging participants with a primary psychosocial disability to believe in themselves and pursue their ambitions in life. We achieve this by improving your recovery skills and being there with you at every step of your NDIS journey. Recovery Coaches employed by us are competent workers who will actively listen to you and prioritise your ‘choice and control’ over your NDIS plan. Contact us today to know more about our services.

NDIS Support Coordination service in WA | NDIS registered Provider in Perth

Community Participation is essential for the health and wellness of people with disabilities. Through the NDIS core supports, participants can access the support they need to partake in various activities in the community. Community Participation has significant benefits which include building the social skills of the participants as well as improving their emotional well-being. Hence, NDIS Community Participation is indeed the right support to have in your NDIS plan if you have a similar goal and want to get more involved with social and community activities.

Community Participation is all about engaging in everyday social activities that the participant enjoys doing. It is not one-size-fits-all support where the participant has to sign up or pre-decided activities. To different participants, community participation might mean different things. For some people, it is about paying regular visits to friends and family or going out for recreational activities like movies and museum visits. While others may see community participation as an opportunity to learn a new skill or play their favourite sports.

NDIS Community Participation is funded in the Core Supports budget of the participant and covers the cost of the assistance required for the participant to access these activities. The participant has to pay for the general cost of the activity such as membership or entrance fee out of their pockets.

Community Participation activities that align with the goals and personal interests of the participant can help them build a better future for themselves. It will help them gain confidence in themselves and learn important life skills. Registered NDIS service providers like Aastha can provide trained support workers who will ensure the safety and comfort of the participants at all times during the activities. Contact us today to find out more about NDIS Community Participation service in Perth, Western Australia.