Paint Your Favorite Pattachitra Pre Printed Canvas Board

People who appreciate art have always been fascinated by the variety of Indian painting styles. One style of art that has achieved widespread recognition is the Pattachitra Folk Art Paintings.

Here, I'd like to discuss some of the reasons why I appreciate Patachitra as a form of art. We will find a way to paint on a pattachitra pre drawn canvas base, which is not only relaxing to work on but also provides a calm foundation for our paintings. Let's dig a little deeper into the provenance of these works of art.

Pattachitra paintings have been created on fabric, stones, and even cotton canvas from at least the eighth century AD. The main focus is on the rituals associated with the Jagannathan Temple Mela at Puri, Orissa, which was built by the Choda-GangaDeva dynasty. Traditions to the north and east of Orissa, where the arts have always thrived, are its inspiration. Artifacts from this era can be found in the caves of Khandagiri, Udaygiri, and Sitabhinji. Let's learn the rationale behind and process for painting on pattachitra canvas board.