The Top 5 Advantages of Compression Shorts for Cyclists

The importance of compression clothing for athletes in a variety of sports has grown in the last few years. Sports performance has seen a revolution in the use of compression apparel. However, the ability of compression apparel to improve performance may seem confusing to people who are not familiar with it. What role does skin-compressing fabric play in enhancing physical capabilities? It's interesting to note that physicians have traditionally used compression clothing to help patients heal from surgery by improving circulation and avoiding problems like edema and blood clots. This begs the question, might compression garments help riders as well, if they are helpful for patients? Now let's examine the top 5 factors that bikers should think about utilizing compression shorts:

1. Preserve Muscle Warmth: Tight fitting compression shorts restrict airflow to the skin's surface, allowing for the preservation of body heat. Enerskin Compression Shorts use a unique high-thread-count compression fabric called Gastex, which is different from traditional compression shorts. During cycling sessions, the tight compression of this fabric keeps muscles warm and supported while also improving blood flow.