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VeerbaAgro is a staple food in many cultures across the globe, Dal Mill Plant Manufacturers requires processing before it reaches our kitchens. These companies are design, build, and supply the machinery needed to transform pulses like lentils, chickpeas, and beans into the split and polished dals we know and love.

Unveiling the Process

It is consist of various specialized machines working in sequence. Here's a simplified breakdown:

Cleaning and De-stoning: Raw pulses are cleaned to remove debris and stones, ensuring a pure final product.

Husking and Splitting: Outer husks are removed to reveal the edible inner cotyledon, which is then split into smaller halves.

Polishing and Grading: Dals are polished to a smooth finish and sorted according to size for consistent texture.

Packaging and Storage: The finished dal is packaged for distribution and storage.


Capacity: Do you need a small-scale plant for local production or a high-capacity plant for industrial production?

Pulse Variety: Will your plant process a single type of dal or a wider range of pulses? Some specialize in specific dals like moong or urad.

Automation Level: Choose between manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic plants depending on your budget and labor availability.

Additional Features: Some offer features like dust collection systems, pulse washing units, and color sorting machines for enhanced efficiency and product quality Dal Mill Plant Suppliers.

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