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Best FUE Hair Transplant in Bangalore | FUE Hair Transplant Cost

Best FUE Hair Transplant in Bangalore is a minimally invasive procedure done using a micro-punch tool in which individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area during FUE. The... Read More

The surgery done and taken care by our experts surgeons can give you a smooth and very less painful transplant. This can be possible due to advanced techniques that we... Read More

Hair Replacement in Bangalore-Hair Replacement Center

Hair Glimmer Studio provides reasonably priced Hair Replacement in Bangalore. We offer the non-surgical hair replacement, hair fixing, hair pasting and hair systems. A non-surgical hair transplant method for treating... Read More

Wavelength Optimised Periodontal Therapy – Best laser dentist

Wavelength Optimised Periodontal Therapy is used to treat Periodontal diseases. The word “periodontal” means “around the teeth”. A periodontal disease is caused by Gram-Positive & Gram Negative bacteria living... Read More

Gingival Flap Surgery for gum diseases-Best Dental Clinic In Bangalore Indiranagar

Gingival Flap Surgery: Patients are advised to have surgery for severe gum disease if it cannot be cured with antibiotics or root planing and scaling. A flap surgery cleans the... Read More